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Follow Your Dreams Tour / Chapter 1

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Kevin Hutzler [ Words / Film / Edit ] 

Have you ever asked yourself what your true life calling is? I have. Everyday, for the past 10 years to be exact. You're about to take a look into the eyes of one of the most weathered & wild, on-the-grid then off-the-grid Vurb contributors to date. This story isn't only about what I perceive through my lens, but about the chasing of something you believe in.

I believe I can become successful in the world of commercial photography and video. In order to get to the next level I knew I had to dive into this head on. The opportunity of a lifetime came along, a 2-week adventure to get a firsthand look into what the moto industry is all about.

My ambition to become a champion in the photo/video world, is motivated by the desire to make my family proud. I lost my dad to cancer in 2006, and I was just 16 years old at the time. Having just picked up a camera 2 years prior; I had only viewed it as a hobby. But not having him around, changed everything.

Over the past couple years, I have felt like I’ve not yet fully lived up to my potential.

No more of that; time to say goodbye to the past, and flash-forward to the present day. Its snowing more than ever in Buffalo, and I decided to move on from the snow plowing job to capture my dream. I'm dead set on becoming a champion through camera work inspired from my background in riding.

I'm Four Eleven Films and this is my story about a journey from east to west, where I take the ball and run with it, never looking back.

We're going on Tour!

.Darius and Kevin Hutzler from Foureleven are chasing a dream. Follow them on Tour, as they journey from New York to the West Coast.

Darius will be a presenting bike builder and apparel vendor at the 1 Moto Show in Portland Oregon, then heading down to SoCal to collaborate with design clients Race Tech and Scorpion USA on some upcoming projects. After the West Coast festivities, Dan and Kevin will trek cross-country to Denver, Colorado to check in with Novik Gloves to see how the new Darius/Novik collab glove samples are coming along. They will make one last house-call to the vurbmoto crew stationed in Denver and see what’s new in the kitchen. 

Stay tuned for exclusive content from their journey here on the blog, and follow the trip on Social: