Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Kevin Hutzler [ Words / Film / Edit ] 

Have you ever asked yourself what your true life calling is? I have. Everyday, for the past 10 years to be exact. You're about to take a look into the eyes of one of the most weathered & wild, on-the-grid then off-the-grid Vurb contributors to date. This story isn't only about what I perceive through my lens, but about the chasing of something you believe in.

I believe I can become successful in the world of commercial photography and video. In order to get to the next level I knew I had to dive into this head on. The opportunity of a lifetime came along, a 2-week adventure to get a firsthand look into what the moto industry is all about.

My ambition to become a champion in the photo/video world, is motivated by the desire to make my family proud. I lost my dad to cancer in 2006, and I was just 16 years old at the time. Having just picked up a camera 2 years prior; I had only viewed it as a hobby. But not having him around, changed everything.

Over the past couple years, I have felt like I’ve not yet fully lived up to my potential.

No more of that; time to say goodbye to the past, and flash-forward to the present day. Its snowing more than ever in Buffalo, and I decided to move on from the snow plowing job to capture my dream. I'm dead set on becoming a champion through camera work inspired from my background in riding.

I'm Four Eleven Films and this is my story about a journey from east to west, where I take the ball and run with it, never looking back.