The 1st Annual 2 Stroke Ride day at Arkansaw Cycle Park in Western Wisconsin was a fun get-together for riders who still rock a Ratio-Rite. Darius was on-point getting the event put together, working with Jordan Schlosser and the Richardson family to get the facility in tip-top shape. Honestly, the track conditions couldn't have been more perfect, andScott Gulbranson was there to catch all the action - bringing you this amazing gallery. The track was situated in a deep valley, which provided accoustics that were amazing! At 12 Noon,there was a break for lunch, with a team race and best whip contest. The team race was a 30 minute moto, with 2 riders tag teaming 1 bike; needless to say it was pretty amazing!


Darius would like to thank Topar Racing, SPY Optics, Tim Schulz at Motorex USA, Chris Reisenburg at Race Tech, Bruce Marada at Alias, Scott Gulbranson, Matt Williamson, Jordan Schlosser, The Richardson's, Jace Wade at Impulse MX, Nick & Brandon at Black Diamond MX, Craig at Mainstreet Moto Supply, Matt Stavish at Checkpoint Offroad, and the many volunteers who helped make this ride day possible. We couldn't have done it without you!