Nick Jackson


Nick is an incredible motorcycle rider, and also one of the hardest working guys we know. Not only is he a card-carrying AMA Pro Motocross & Supercross rider, NJ runs the show over at



Cody Lackore


Cody is an AMA Pro Motocross rider; he is also competing in select rounds of Canadian Nationals. He's perfected the art of training, and helps develop fellow riders. He is an entrepreneur, and has a high visibility with the utmost professionalism. His style on & off the bike is second to none. Cody is also a metal fabricator that has helped on numerous projects at Darius.

Jake Mataya


Jake is Grand National Championship #29 and ICE Speedway Championship #1 Plate holder in 2014. He is one of the most multi-talented riders on the Darius squad, with proficiency in Offroad, Motocross, Flattrack, Ice, and Adventure. Jake has been a team member since day one. 

Kevin Hutzler


Kevin is a madman behind the lens at FourElevenFilms. His work is featured in the moto industry's top publications. Not only can he truly capture the sport of motocross through photo & film, but he is an absolute ripper on a dirt bike. 

Tyler Frye


Tyler is an Adaptive Motocross rider with a penchant for living life to the fullest. He is a living example of beating the odds, and following his dreams, despite considerable setbacks. He is an inspiration, and proof that no matter what life throws at you, there's always blessing awaiting you on the other side.   

Jake Loberg


The original Misfit Kid. Loberg is hands-down the most stylish rider to ever swing a leg over a motocross bike. Through and through, Loberg is Darius material. 

Nate Nordmeyer


Nasty Nate. Enough said. This kid is super talented in all areas of motorbike. A prerequisite to ride for Darius, is the ability to throw dirty whips; and Nate is no exeption. His style on and off the track is second to none. He's an innocator, a dreamer, and is ultra creative with bike design and fabrication.